7 Quick Home Makeover Tips

7 Quick Home Makeover Tips


Every now and then it feels great to freshen up your home, giving your living space a new lease on life. A quick makeover doesn’t have to be costly either. It’s all about picking some key areas and making them work for you. So here are seven quick home makeover tips.


To really optimize your space, take the time to de-clutter. This may mean boxing up some precious items that are stored in the back of cupboards and moving them into storage off-site or an out of the way storage area in your home like the garage or roof space. Also take the time to get rid of old clothes and items you no longer need.

Use your space

A great way to reinvent your home is to optimize space to ensure it works for you. Consider your high use areas such as your laundry and look to streamline the way you work there. Appliance companies such as ASKO have a great range of “hidden helpers”, which are nifty little devices such as laundry folding drawers and detergent cabinets to optimize your laundry space and work zone. Also consider installing shelves or extra cupboards to make this work zone more aesthetically pleasing and functional.


Once you have de-cluttered, it’s time to rethink your storage options using furniture such as Ottomans or chest coffee tables to hide some items yet keep them accessible. This also cuts down on cleaning time as everything has a place.

Soft furnishings

living room

To quickly reinvent living areas, turn your attention to soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. By spending just a small amount on current trend soft furnishings, you can quickly freshen up an entire room.


modern kitchen

Kitchens are one of two areas that really show the age of your home through cupboard finishes, bench-tops and even things as simple as drawer handles. If your kitchen finish is fairly neutral, you can freshen the feel with new drawer and cupboard handles. If the cupboard doors and drawer finishes let down the room then consider making over the room with a new finish, or even consider new bench-tops to give the room a new lease on life. To make sure you can see your beautiful cupboards make sure your kitchen has good lighting. Having new windows from Art Construction can really make a difference and brighten up your kitchen.


The bathroom is the second area of the home that needs attention every couple of years as fittings and finishes date. For a simple makeover, consider installing a new bathroom cabinet and have the shower screens updated.

Feature walls

An easy and cost effective way of transforming a room is to paint a fresh feature wall. This is a simple DIY style job that can give the room a whole new feel and add fresh appeal to your entire home. If feature walls are not your thing, then a fresh coat of paint in a room also adds a contemporary feel.

A home makeover doesn’t have to entail huge cost and renovation – it can be as simple as concentrating on a few key areas to make life easier and provide a fresh feel.

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