Ideas to Make Over Your Guest Room

guest room

Ideas to make over your guest room

We all know hotels can be expensive, especially during holiday periods when travelers are everywhere and space is at a premium. It’s going to be a lot easier if your in-laws or your interstate siblings can stay with you during those crazy periods. Of course, that means getting your guest room in order after it’s turned into a dumping ground for all your extra stuff… Here’s how to give it a proper makeover.

Comfort Is Key

guest room

The main reason guests will take up residence in your guest room is so that they have somewhere to sleep. Make sure that you have a large, comfortable bed ready for anyone of any size to get a good night’s rest. You don’t even have to break the bank to buy one either, thanks to stores that specialise in affordable furniture; check out this URL to get some ideas from Super Amart: This should give you a few ideas in terms of designs and prices.

Modcons (Modern Conveniences)

If your guests intend to stay for longer than a few days, ensure that they have all of the creature comforts of home so that they feel welcome and secure. Consider things like a TV, bedside alarm clock, and maybe even an iron and ironing board in the wardrobe. Make sure they’ve got lots of clothes hangers so that they don’t have to live out of their suitcase, and keep fresh sets of sheets and pillowcases handy in case they need to change them.


As much as your guests are enjoying getting to spend time in your home, everyone likes a bit of me time. The guest room should be something of a refuge, somewhere they can go to be alone no matter the time of day. Make sure they’ve got proper curtains and shades that completely cover the windows, and check that there aren’t any issues with the door into the room.

Bathroom Basics

The house guest’s bill of rights clearly states that they should always have a fresh set of towels and a face washer on hand. Plenty of toilet paper should also be made available without the guest having to hunt around for it. Be sure to have a plan for those forgetful guests and keep a spare toothbrush or two on hand, as well as some just-in-case single-serve shampoos and conditioners.


Décor can take many forms: lovely art on the walls, stylish curtains or furniture, a full length mirror… But, for a guest room, décor might mean getting a little more specific. A vase of fresh flowers is considered a welcome sign and, if your guests will be doing some sightseeing, maybe leave a few travel brochures for things to see and do in the area on the dresser.

Giving your guest room a makeover is equal parts style and predicting your guest’s needs. The work you put in won’t go unnoticed and, before long, you might find your faraway friends and family are coming to visit more often. What do you like to see in a guest room? Have your say in the comments below.