5 Kitchen Storage Tips

Five Kitchen Storage Tips

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A well-organised, clutter-free kitchen is most often a productive and effective kitchen. Space is at a premium in most kitchens and so it is important to make wise use of the space available.

Tip 1: If you can do without it, get it out

The first tip for effective kitchen storage may seem a little surprising, but it is a great one. Unless there is a definite need for particular items in your kitchen, create space by moving them out.

Here you have a couple of options. You can either:
Use a storage facility: If you have kitchen items, or even large pieces of furniture or appliances that you do not want to throw away but cannot accommodate in your kitchen, moving them into a high-quality storage facility, such as those provided by Fort Knox, is an excellent idea. For many people, the decision to store items this way is financially affordable and provides reassurance that belongings are stored in a safe and secure place.
Recycle, donate, sell or give away: If you no longer have a need for particular kitchen items, chances are someone else will have a use for them. As much as possible, try to avoid throwing items that are useable and in reasonable conditions away; you may like to sell what you can or donate on to others who can benefit from them.

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Tip 2: Get organised with labelled containers

To optimise storage and be as organised as you can be in your kitchen, consider storing ingredients that you use regularly (such as: flour and sugar) in coordinating clear glass or plastic containers. It can be very helpful to ensure your containers are labelled too.

Place the containers on open shelves close to your main cooking area to enable easy access. Small baking supplies, such as cookie cutters, patty pans and sprinkles, can be effectively stored in baskets or nearby drawers.

Tip 3: Imagine the benefits of a pull-out pantry

If you are serious about making the most of the storage space available in your kitchen, consider the benefits of a pull-out pantry. Such a pantry helps you to optimise the space between studs and provides the perfect place to store dry goods, items in tins and all sorts of other items that you need to have close by and within easy reach.

Tip 4: Divide up your drawers

If you have deep drawers in your kitchen, capitalise on the space available with a sliding insert that effectively divides up the space. With your drawers divided in this way, it’s easier to find a place for everything and you will also have a good place to keep items such as sandwich bags, garbage bags, food wraps and alfoil.

Tip 5: Clear your counter and keep it clutter-free

One of the best ways to be organised and effective in your kitchen is to keep as many items as you can off the counter tops. It is far better to designate a cabinet next to the oven or cook top for the storage of the cooking spices and oils that you frequently use. It is also a good idea to hang spoons, spatulas and strainers on hooks or a bar beneath the cabinet.

Because space is precious in the kitchen, it’s important to make optimal use of storage and arrange your kitchen in a logical way that provides easy access to the items you most often use.