Hay Day

hay day

I have pretty much stayed away from any computer games for the reason, they take so much of your time! They do! And I am the first person to admit it. That is why I have uninstalled the candy crush game in my cellphone, after reaching level 25. They are very addicting. And I know better! Ok, maybe not so much. ;-)

The last two days, we’ve been stuck in the house due to the weather has been pretty fun and exciting for me and the kids. Well, the big brother had just found a cool new game in his iPhone, Hay┬áDay.

I tried to resist the temptation, but it is one of those times. So we downloaded the game in my iPad and viola!

The game is really cool! Family friendly and completely FREE. They say, it is similar to Farmville, but I couldn’t really compare them because I never played that game. All I know is I love this game! It has a very cute graphic and sound and very entertaining and yes, addictive as you are constantly trying to improve your farm.

Available at the app store for iPhone and iPad.

Happy playing!

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