SMILING IT FORWARD™ with Tylenol – and you can too!



 All parents have wishes and hopes for their children. We wish and hope that they stay well, happy and healthy. Unfortunately, that’s not the case all the time. I remember last year, while we were on our family vacation, my daughter got sick, for the first time in her life. She was running a fever of 101. And being that far away from her doctor, it was a total mess, or I was. I hate when my daughter gets sick. I always have this awful feeling inside and wish I could wave a wand to instantly heal her tiny body or wish I could take her place.

But despite of this, and with the help of Tylenol and some rest, we managed to enjoy the last few days of our family vacation. And with that, I am SMILING IT FORWARD™ ; for the sparkling smiles, cuddles, and usual bounding energy back again.


 Ah, puts a smile on my face, knowing she is well, happy and back at her old self again.

Help make more smiles possible

If you have a photo of your little one that makes you smile, you can share it by simply uploading it on the SMILING IT FORWARD™ website. Your photo can help make more smiles possible for families in need. Join us by SMILING IT FORWARD! Tylenol will make a $1 donation to Children’s Health Fund (up to $100,000) for every photo shared. Because not all children in need have access with doctors, nurses and medicine they deserve. Let us all put this smile of good health on each child deserves and every mom should see.

Disclosure: I have received information and products from McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks.


  1. Sarh S says:

    Aww she is adorable! I’m glad you had some Tylenol on hand to help your little enjoy the last day of vacation. Sick kiddos is no fun! I personally never treat fevers under 103, don’t want to over use Tylenol and possibly build resistances to it in their little bodies. But it also greatly depends on how they are over all.

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